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Steelmasters holds an extensive library of technical information from the old to the new. Due to this wealth of information we are not able to make it all available to you over our website. We are however only a phone call or email away. So feel free to contact us today and we will be able to answer any technical question no matter how big or small.

Steelmasters Bolt Marking & Identification »

Steelmasters Nut Marking & Indentification »

Major Fastener Features & Dimensions »

Head Shapes, Underhead Features & Drives »

Fastener Finishes »

Steelmasters Conversion Factors »

Steelmasters Breaking Load in Single Share »

Steelmasters Tensile Load Comparison »

Steelmasters Yield Load Comparison »

Steelmasters Recommended Assembly Torques »

Steelmasters UNC External Thread Dimensions »

Steelmasters Thread Fit Defined »

Steelmasters Metric Coarse Internal Thread Dimensions »

Steelmasters Metric Coarse External Thread Dimensions »

Steelmasters UNC Internal Thread Dimensions »

Steelmasters UNF Internal & External Thread Dimensions »

Steelmasters Rivet Chart »

Blind Rivets »

Steelmasters Steel Gauge Thickness Conversion Table »

Bolting Galvanized Steel »

Bolting Structural Joints »

Stud Bolt Technical Information »

Thread Tapping Solutions »

Screw Diameter & Pilot Hole Size »

Masonry Fasteners »

Stainless Steel Assembly Guidelines »

DIN 580 Lifting Eye Bolts & DIN 582 Lifting Eye Nut Specifications »

Break Load in Single Shear »

Types of Screw Points »

Basic Thread Form »

10.9 High Tensile Hex Bolts »

U Bolts Catalogue »


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