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Action Can AC-90

Screw Eyes

Product information

  • Picture only a representation of final product,
  • Eye Screws have a ring or loop for a head, this portion is called the "Eye",
  • Open Eye Screws are NOT welded at the base of the Eye,
  • Used to attached cable or objects to wooden poles,
  • Screw thread to screw into timber.
  • Pre drilled holes will ensure ease of screwing in Open Screw eye,
  • Warning: Should not be used for Lifting. Click Here and refer to DIN 580 Lifting Eye Bolts


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M6 X 55 G316 SCREW EYE M6 X 55 G316 SCREW EYE Code: DES0606  Stainless Steel    M6 
M8 X 60 G316 SCREW EYE M8 X 60 G316 SCREW EYE Code: EES0606  Stainless Steel    M8 
M10 X 80 G316 SCREW EYE M10 X 80 G316 SCREW EYE Code: FES0806  Stainless Steel    M10 

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