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Action Can AC-90

Button Head Phillips Drive

product information button head Phillips drive screw for metal

  • Button Head Phillips Drive Screw for metal,
  • Class 2 finish,
  • For jobs needing a broad flat head screw,
  • Used for fixing foil sparking and insulation panels to steel,
  • Used for fixing fascia bracket clips to rafters,
  • Used for conduit clips to steel,

How to Use

  • Measure the total thickness of the materials to be drilled,
  • Choose a screw with a drilling capacity equal to or greater than the total thickness of materials to be drilled
    Screw Gauge
    Drill Capacity
  • Determine the best head style for the intended application,
  • Choose a screw long enough to allow at least 3 threads to protrude beyond the metal being fastened to,
  • Select the correct driver for the screws being used,
    Screw Gauge
    Phillips Drive No.2
  • Fit the driver to a power screwdriver set to high approximately 2500 rpm,
  • Put screw into driver and place at fastening position,
  • Push sharply on screwdriver to create starting point,
  • Squeeze screwdriver trigger and maintain firm end pressure until screw has drilled and fastened.



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8-18 x 12 CL2 BUTTON HD S/DRIL 8-18 x 12 CL2 BUTTON HD S/DRIL Code: S08DBC0122  Class 2  8G   
8-18 x 16 CL2 BUTTON HD S/DRIL 8-18 x 16 CL2 BUTTON HD S/DRIL Code: S08DBC0162  Class 2  8G   
8-18 x 25 CL2 BUTTON HD S/DRIL 8-18 x 25 CL2 BUTTON HD S/DRIL Code: S08DBC0252  Class 2  8G   
8-18 X 12 ZP  HWF TEK SCREW 8-18 X 12 ZP HWF TEK SCREW Code: S08DHC0122  Class 2  8G   

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